Personal Care

A clean & Natural Product for the next generation

At E&F, our personal care series have to be luxurious, high-performance, and free from ingredients shown or suspected to harm human health, whether it’s a Body Care Shampoo you use every day, a youth-boosting Devine Youth Serum that leaves your skin glowing, or even a moisturizing Hand Sanitizer.
Body Wash
Our body wash nourishes and reinvigorates the skin leaving your body smooth, soft, moisturized. Enriched with Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract, Citrus Aurantium Amara Fruit Extract, Ethyl Olivate, Olea Europaea Leaf Extract & Amino Acids
Replenish your dull and parched locks with our custom blended shampoo. Packed with benefits of hair healthy ingredients for stronger, thicker, softer and more manageable hair with healthy shine. Our shampoo cleanses the scalp without stripping the hairs natural protective oils and leaves your hair soft and revived. We use an olive and olive leaf extract with amino acids to create lush silky hair.
Hair Care Conditioner
Our hair care conditioner provides essential hydration to hair, leaving a long lasting softness. It is designed to deeply nourish your hair with natural ingredients. You may blend it with essential oils with luscious fragrance.
Face Cleanser
Our custom formula face cleanser is gentle and mild for effectively removing dirt, grim, and the days pollution. Formulated with ingredients that helps maintain moisture so your skin feels comfortably refreshed after cleansing. Never tight, pulled or parched.

Our face cleanser is formulated with a mild olive based and olive leaf extract and amino acids to give your skin maximum nourishment.
Penta Peptide SK Serum
Balance and Anti-Wrinkle Penta Peptide SK Serum is designed to reduces bags, puffiness under your eyes, and wrinkles on your face and neck. This serum quickly penetrates your skin delivering one of the most potent and highly concentrated active ingredients. This serum helps to stimulate collagen stability, healing & radiance for skin. Very useful for exfoliating & giving instant relief over stressed skin while increasing skin resiliency.
Hand Sanitizer
Our alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a great alternative to washing hands with soap and water. You can also use it to clean surfaces from door handles to desktops. Freshly scented with tea tree and lavender essential oils, our hand sanitizer is designed to lift your mood while keeping you healthy.

E&F Essentials Sdn Bhd

(1383081-X) (AJL: 932341)

E and F Essentials was started after we noticed so many personal care products with ingredients that we simply would not use on our children.
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