A revolutionary product for correct posture alignment, which has clinically proven & shown marked decrease in foot, knee, hip & back pain.
The feet are the foundation of your entire body.
Our feet have 26 bones that when supported correctly, will allow those bones to fall in alignment. Properly fitted arch supports are designed to put your feet into a more correct position and help correctly position your feet in your shoe.

Once the bones in your feet align the rest of your body can follow. This in turn can alleviate the pressure in your feet, ankles, knees, hip and back. This can lead to the reduction and in some cases the elimination of those pains.
Groundbreaking Study Proves Wearing Arch Supports Can Reduce the Risk of Falling Significantly By Improving Balance and Comfort
There was a statistically significant improvement in balance and functional mobility, coupled with a significant de-crease in pain in feet, knees, hips and back.
In addition, 85.1% of study participants indicated that they benefited from the use of arch supports. The self-reported benefits included improved balance when walking, exercising, golfing, and bowling. The participants indicated they were able to walk better, stand longer, and experienced less pain in feet, ankles, knees, hips and back.
The Harmony by E&F Essentials is orthopedically designed & crafted to align the 26 bones in our foot, thus improving our body posture in balance. This can lessen or ELEMINATE the foot fatigue, foot pain, knee pain, hip pain and back pain we experience. Place the foot in a subtalar neutral position thereby allowing bone alignment all the way up your body. (It's like having a chiropractor in your shoe). Flexible orthotic is excellent for exercise or walking long distances.

Align the 26 bones in the foot

Support all four arches of the foot

Distribute pressure evenly over the foot

Take pressure off hot spots that cause foot pain

Got Pains?

Foot Pain
Heel Pain
Knee Pain
Back Pain
Plantar Fasciitis 
Our Miracle Orthotics Shoe Inserts Arch Support can offer a relief

Try The Harmony

By E&F Essentials

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E and F Essentials was started after we noticed so many personal care products with ingredients that we simply would not use on our children.
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