Aroma Diffusers

Mood Booster for Essential Oils

Fire & Ice Diffuser

This flaming ultrasonic aromatherapy essential oil diffuser creates a stunning flame effect using a combination of flame night light & fog with high-quality PP materials. It also works as a super quiet aroma mist humidifier to bring you silent company & also helps in soothing your mood, relieving stress, relaxing your body after a day of tiring work & promoting good sleep.
Product Description
While humidifying the air, add 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil to the diffuser to fill your room with a natural & aromatic scent.

✔Work well with E&F Essential Oils
✔Anti-dry-burning sensor
✔Simulation flame lighting effect
✔No water power-off protection
✔Adjustable brightness

Dimension: 171 x 101 x 75mm

Tank capacity: 180ml

Tint Wood /
Dark Wood /
Light Wood /
White Wood
Ultrasonic E.O. Diffuser
This essential oil diffuser matches any decor at your home and office with its decorative stylish wood grain finish. This product helps you easily brighten up your living area by adding a few fragrant drops of E&F essential oil into it. This ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is a perfect multifunctional aromatherapy device with remote control. It features an easy-to-clean 600 ml water tank, 8 Different LED light colors, multiple mist modes & a safety auto-switch that prevents it from overheating in case of running out of water.
Product Description
This trendy aroma diffuser features 4 timer options:
✔Continuous mode,
✔1-hour mode,
✔3-hour mode,
✔6-Hour mode.

It holds up to 600 ml of water, allowing a maximum run time of 8-12 hours. Made by BPA-free non-toxic material, the unit will automatically shut off when the water runs out to guarantee safety for usage around children.

Dimension: 152 x 159 x 152mm

Tank capacity: 600ml


The Wonder of iBubble

INC Diffuser
Our INC Diffuser with double spray humidifier & warm nightlight, is designed to work with iDefender GOLD & iDefender to inhibit airborne pathogens in the air.
Product Description
Start with 5 drops of your favourite essential oil with 1.5 ml iDefender and 400ml filtered water to make your home or workspace a germ-free haven.

Dimension: 77 x77 x190mm

Tank capacity: 400ml
Handheld Diffuser
Perfect portable iBUBBLE protection with iDefender GOLD. This dual-purpose, light, portable mini mist humidifier and air sanitizing diffuser is the perfect travel companion. Enjoy the quiet cool mist by diffusing a mixture of 3-4 drops of iDefender, purified water, using the humidifier whenever & wherever you are.
Product Description
Disperses a cool-mist vapour for up to 60 seconds at a time. Use while travelling, driving, working or simply relaxing at home.

Elegant, compact, easy to use and USB rechargeable. Perfect for home, car, office & anywhere!

Tank capacity: 30ml

E&F Essentials Sdn Bhd

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E and F Essentials was started after we noticed so many personal care products with ingredients that we simply would not use on our children.
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