The Wonder of iBubble

Retail Price: RM 239
Member Price: RM 199

INC Diffuser
Our INC diffuser with double spray humidifier & warm nightlight, is designed to work with iDefender GOLD & iDefender to inhibit airborne pathogens in the air.
Product Description
Start with 5 drops of your favourite essential oil with 1.5 ml iDefender and 400ml filtered water to make your home or workspace a germ-free haven.

Dimension: 77 x77 x190mm

Tank capacity: 400ml

Retail Price: RM 143
Member Price: RM 119

Personal Diffuser
Perfect portable iBUBBLE protection with iDefender GOLD or INC. This dual-purpose, light, portable mini mist humidifier and aroma diffuser is the perfect travel companion. Enjoy the quiet cool mist by diffusing a mixture of 3-4 drops of iDefender, ONLY 2 drops of your favourite essential oil and purified water, using the humidifier whenever & wherever you are.
Product Description
Disperses a cool-mist vapour for up to 20 minutes at a time. Use while travelling, driving, working or simply relaxing at home.

Elegant, compact, easy to use and USB rechargeable. Perfect for home, car, office & anywhere!

Diameter: 26mm x height:113mm
Tank capacity: 20ml

Retail Price: RM 499
Member Price: RM 299

Iron Aroma Diffuser
Home Office Mini Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Metal Iron Essential Oil Diffuser

* Multi-functional Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser.
* Make your dry air become moist.
* Purifying air, effectively removes odours.
* Freshen the air with the scent of essential oil.
* Fragrance from the essential oil diffuser makes you feel relaxed and comfortable
Product Description
Sporting a 260ml capacity with large mist our diffuser offers the latest iron design offering a unique decoration for all most any room. Featuring seven soothing color LED light work as night light. The safety features include waterless auto shut off and it is constructed using BPA free material.

E&F Essentials Sdn Bhd

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E and F Essentials was started after we noticed so many personal care products with ingredients that we simply would not use on our children.
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